August Special!

Purchase a Websecure Router to use with any of the awesome web content restriction packages available!

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Here are some of the Categories that can be blocked with the Websecure Router..

Fraud, Adult Themes, Adware, Alcohol, Automotive Blogs, Chat, Classifieds, Dating, Drugs, E-commerce/Shopping, File storage, Forums/Message boards, Gambling, Games, Hate/Discrimination, Humor, Instant messaging, Jobs/Employment, Movies, Music, News/Media, Nudity, P2P/File sharing, Photo sharing, Podcasts, Politics, Pornography, Portals, Proxy/Anonymizer, Radio, Religious, Search engines, Sexuality, Social networking, Software/Technology, Sports, Television, Tobacco, Travel, Video sharing & Webmail

The Idea

Websecure is an idea that developed over time while I worked in the IT industry for the last 12 years. The most common problems with PC's were infected software - either by virus, malware or addware. I tried to find reasons as to why this was happening to be able to educate the customers on the reasons why their computers would malfunction. My discovery was that mostly the users have been surfing sites that contain software that would intentionally infect or change the normal functions and behavior of the software on the PC. Most of the software either intentionally cause harm and conviniently have a cure developed by the same people at a price. This is a 'criminal' way to force clients to buy their software due to the fact that you picked up an infection that they created. I eventually joined an ISP and worked as hardware technician and started acquiring more skills in the software side of things and worked my way up to Technical Manager. I got to deal with clients making use of our internet services that all normal ISP's offer but also got a lot of queries about Internet security and limiting users from accessing particular web sites etc. As an ISP we never got involved in this as it is quite a tricky situation and would require a lot of resources to maintain this service to the client. Needless to say I kept on looking for an easy way out for the client but all I could find was a expensive firewall maintained by some IT company. An Antivirus program program helpes but is only about 50% effective - it also requires regular updates and use up valuble Mega Bytes of our costly internet as each PC needs to be kept up to date I needed to develop a deeper knowledge of how firewalls worked and started to familiarize myself with the skills needed and started providing this service to a few clients as a testing basis. It was quite tuff, not onlydid you try and prevent the client from accessing the site - but prevent the guys that develop the site to provide ways for clients to bypass the firewall rules you create.. competition from both user and the developer! Eventually by struggling and trying all different kinds of methods - it was proven that the best way to prevent access to sites is by way of DNS - DNS is the tool that all computers use to acquire the location/address of a site to be able to link to it and download and display the content. So - to prevent a user from obtaining this info by using the name of a site, was the best way forward. This also has it's downside - blocking every adult site there is on the net means compiling a list of over 151 000 000 sites!

That's when I discovered a company exists like Open DNS where a central database is complied for all the various categories of possible filters to be used in firewalls. IT comes at a small fee but hey - it is a good few times cheaper and less hassle than getting an IT company to maintain a firewall - rented or sold. This service combined in a ready to go package that can be administered remotely is the Reason why Websecure started and hope that this service will bring welcomed support to all businesses and even the home users who are tired of struggling to keep the internet as a safe, hassle free tool for all.


Websecure CC 2011